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Kristina Black: Step-daddy stole my panties [xxx]

Kristina Black/Scarlet Fever
[28-may-1982] [USA]
[86B- 61-86][1.63m][50kg]
It is Kristina's 18th birthday, and she is turning into a fine looking young slut which doesn't go unnoticed by her horny step dad. After blowing out her birthday day cake, her step dad has visions of her blowing something else, and to help with that vision, he steal a pair of Kristina's freshly worn panties after she slips into the shower. 
It is late night, but Kristina's step dad is still up in more ways than one, and after spying on step daughter Kristina Black rubs one out in the bathroom, he steals her panties and sneaks downstairs to rub one out himself with visions of his step daughter in his head. Kristina Black comes out of the shower to find another pair of panties missing, but she quickly tracks it down and disturbingly discovers where they have been going.
Kristina confronts her step dad about the panties, but he somehow pulls a sexual Jedi mind trick on her, and the next thing you know Kristina wants to watch step daddy get off thinking about her. Well, it seems that the horny bug has hit them both because all of a sudden watching just isn't good enough for Kristina Black. She wants to touch. Now, step dad doesn't have to fantasize anymore about fucking his 18-year-old step daughter because she has her lips wrapped around his cock.
Kristina is an 18-year-old who is way beyond her years when it comes to sucking cock, and she gives her step dad a reason to bust a nut all over, but before that happens, she climbs on his cock and starts riding it. Kristina is one smoking hot 18-year-old with a wicked body and some great tits, but she can barely handle the man dick. It takes this teen's pussy a while to warm up to big daddy dick, but once it does, she is moaning and yelling like she is at a rock concert. Just for good measure, step daddy pounds Kristina's 18-year-old pussy from behind and then seals their secret with a load of cum in her mouth.
 [Naughty little nymphos 7]

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